College Funding Services

Start At The Finish Line!

Get educated, learn how to strategically navigate this system, understand what college will cost you before you even apply. Don't fall victim to the broken college system.


How To Pay For College - A Comprehensive Guide To Attack The Financial Aid Process Like A Pro

Little known ways to get more free money for college & greatly reduce the high cost of tuition.


Understanding Financial Aid - FREE Course

Get Educated! Understand college financial aid and how to cost-effectively pay for college. Help us end the student loan crisis!


Negotiating with Colleges and Navigating IDOC/Verification Process

Understanding the verification process


I Make Too Much Money....Am I Screwed?

The power of school selection and how non-need based families can see discounts.


Senior Year Financial Aid Timeline and Expectations

Month by Month Road Map of Senior Year Financial Aid


What is your EFC and How to Lower it?

How to maximize your NEED eligibility and grants.